The Andover Athletic Club has its own distinctive kit which is registered for the purposes of competition.  If an athlete does not appear in the correct strip the officials are at liberty to ask him or her to leave the competition (or correct the oversight).  The kit is as follows:


Vest: BLUE AND WHITE STRIPED - this is obtainable from within the Club.  You can wear it over a white tee shirt in cold weather if you wish.


Shorts: RED – Buy the type you prefer:  traditional shorts/knickers or longer lycra cycle style.  In winter you may choose to wear leggings or traksters – they must be RED





Membership of Andover AC runs from 1st April each year and lasts for one calendar year. Subscription for new members runs until the next 1st April no matter when they joined.

Fees for 2016 / 2017

Joining fee (new members only) – £20 plus the relevant membership below

The fees below are inclusive of England Athletics fee of £13 and Hampshire AAA fee of £3 with the club retaining the balance from the Total amount 

TOTAL Reduced fee*
Senior Member(18 & over) £70.00 £43.00
Junior Member(under 18 or in full time education) £60.00 £38.00
Senior Citizen(age 65 and over) £50.00 £33.00
Family Membership(2 parents & children) £130.00 £65.00
Associate Member (coaches, supporters & committee) £30.00 £15.00

* Reduced fee payable for NEW members only, joining after 1st October

Download Membership Form here