Road Runners

The coach for this group is  Jean Taylor

Training Sessions:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6.00pm

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New Structure as from 1st September 2014

Mondays and Wednesdays

On Mondays and Wednesdays at 6.00pm there are routes suggested for members to use for their training.

In the summer months these runs use country lanes and tracks to take advantage of the light evenings.

In the winter town roads are used so that we can see and be seen under the street lighting.

We are very lucky that the club house is built on the edge of both town and country and we take full advantage of this.

    • Monday: The usual run is a distance of about five miles.
    • Wednesday: The longest run is between nine and eleven miles but there are also possible ways to cut across if a shorter run is needed.


Efforts / Speed Training

Thursday at 6.00pm is for a training session that is all about improving speed, strength and style. Do not be put off by the term ‘speed’.

It does not matter what the level of your ability is – you can improve it by attending this session.

Please do not expect changes to happen overnight. Regular attendance for three to four months should show a substantial improvement which then needs to be kept up.

So it is essential that everyone should take part in these sessions if they wish to run well.

The Session

What do we do? Well a variety of exercises, drills and various types of speed running.

The session begins with a steady jog around the park (in summer) or the West Portway (in winter) or on the track for ten to fifteen minutes. Then there is gentle stretching for ten minutes or so. This is followed by drills or other exercises.

Then begin the efforts. These take various forms such as: repetitions, intervals, pyramids, hills, paarlauf, fartlek. All of these can be over different distances each time.

One of my aims with the Thursday sessions is to make them varied so that they are ‘interesting’. I do not like athletes to become bored by doing the same thing week in week out. The mind needs to be stimulated as well as the body. I also bear in mind that some of the Road Runners at present are no spring chickens! The sessions are thought out taking this into consideration.

Anyone who is capable of doing more can, of course, do extra sets of the particular efforts. However, everyone should think carefully before doing this and not ask too much of the body. Training is about doing just the right amount. It is well to remember that Quality pays off better than Quantity.

Jean is a firm believer in the maxim:

Quality not quantity

General Information

In many ways the term “Road Runners” is a bit misleading. Yes much of the running is on roads and the main events that members enter are road races. However, the group should more accurately be termed “Endurance Runners” as this would cover all the various training and racing that the members go in for. So why isn’t the group called Endurance Runners? Well, just think about it. It’s difficult enough for prospective members to get themselves past the word “Athletic” in the club name. “Endurance” would probably be an idea too far.

The group has been in existence as a separate entity within Andover AC for almost as long as the original club house has been the meeting place, so we know who we are and what we do.

For those who are reading this to find out about us, here is a quick run down of the types of training and racing that we do:

The training runs are over all types of surface: roads, farm tracks, bridleways, footpaths, fields, woods – gravel, tarmac, concrete, mud

Most runs around us are hilly – some very hilly. Many newcomers don’t realize that this part of Hampshire is hilly. This gives very good training for any event that members take part in because hills don’t worry them and flat appears to be a bonus.

The athletic track next to the club house is also used. This facility is great because it enables us to undertake a great variety of sessions that produce speed to top off the steady runs.

The races that members take part in are just as varied as the training:

  • Road races over pretty well any distance you like to name. 5kms up to Marathon (and some have even gone further!)
  • Cross Country during the winter season. These can be individual races or part of a league.
  • Some like to take part in track meetings, usually at the longer distances.

As can be seen, if you are a member of Andover AC Road Runners there is so much choice. If you run at all then there is something here that you will enjoy. Have a go at everything to find out which you prefer

When thinking about training it is important to know that you are doing the right thing for you. At Andover we have a fully qualified Endurance Coach who is always available at the club sessions. If you need to know anything about the best training for you or indeed anything about the club – just ask.

If you wish to know something about me and my qualifications   click here.

Training Schedules and Information