Multi Events Group

Lead Coach: Paul Daley

Training Sessions

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

6.15  - 7.30 pm

Hi my name is Paul Daley and I’m lead coach of the Multi-Events Group which is part of the club, between myself and Steve Mills who is assistant coach we train boys and girls from the ages of 11 to 20 years of age.

We develop athletes for track events from 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, Relays and Hurdles, and in field events we cover Long Jump and High Jump. Thus making sure all basic and technical skill levels are achieved to a high level for competition during the seasons.

We train 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday & Thursday between 18:15pm - 19:30pm which will give our athletes a good level of fitness which is key in any sports. We do cover key elements which give an athlete the ability to compete at a high level by focussing on Technical Skills, Endurance, Strength and Speed (but don’t mention fun cause it’s not mentioned ;-) )

The group of athletes I coach are of the age of being very talkative as you would expect, we also have a very diverse and mixed ability of athletes which is why they are classed as developing athletes, which gives them the opportunity to develop at their own pace without pressure but do knuckle down to good structured training especially, Pain Monday which can be enjoyed by up to 30 athletes covering Endurance training for 800M to 400M.

The athletics season starts from April and runs through till about September. Athletes are encouraged to take part in the Wessex League Competition and also Open Meet Events which are on during the athletics season.  These events allow athletes to achieve their own personal goals, by running faster, jumping further or jumping higher. These are all left up to the athletes to beat their own personal goals, whether coming last or coming first, receiving a medal or just receiving a round of applause from fellow team mates.

I have seen the quietest of athletes become winners and champions of their events and all they have done is ask if they could do a certain event;   “we see no barriers we can’t jump or no walls we can’t push over” in allowing athletes to be themselves.

See Paul and George at AVIVA Parallel Success Coach and Athlete Talent Introduction Day