The 401 Challenge

Ben Smith with Jean Taylor

The car park outside the club house was heaving on Thursday morning. Everyone was preparing to run. It was just like the start of any road race. People had come from far and wide to run at Andover to run with Ben Smith on his 395th marathon on the 395th day.

This was the second time Ben (and followers) came to Andover to run the marathon route of two laps planned out and sign posted by Jean Taylor, the Club’s Endurance Coach.

It was great to see so many people all wishing to run all or part of the route with Ben. When they started off it was like watching the Pied Piper leading everyone off.

A new challenge has been set up for all runners:

The Marathon 401 Virtual Challenge

Join in the fun and celebrate Ben’s final marathon by running with him virtually anywhere in the world. Sign up and pay £26.20, with 100% of your payment being donated to charity. Run either a marathon, half marathon or 10k anytime between Sunday 2nd October and Sunday 9th October to get yourself a Marathon 401 medal.

Can’t run that distance in one go? You can spread it throughout the week.