Young Athletes’ Meeting 2016

Andover AC Young Athletes’ Meeting 2016

At its January committee meeting the Management Committee of Andover Athletic Club discussed setting a date for its annual Young Athletes Meeting (YAM). Sunday 29th May was initially agreed upon, a reaction to the Hampshire County Championships reverting back to its traditional fixture of the 14th and 15th May. However, circumstances have arisen that have led the club to take the decision to cancel this year’s meeting. We have not made this decision lightly, carefully considering all available options before issuing this statement.

After successfully delivering the YAM for several seasons, our Event Secretary stepped down from the role this year. He worked tirelessly year on year in a demanding role that has made our open meeting one of the most popular in the Southern region. The club is advertising the role internally; though to date no member or associate has come forward expressing interest. Unfortunately without an Event Secretary the meeting won’t even get off the ground. If you are interested in assisting the club and taking up this volunteer role please do contact me, or any of the coaching staff.

Many of the regular event team are unavailable which reinforced the decision to cancel. This would not have had quite the impact it has had we greater volunteer resources to call upon. Volunteers are the nucleus of our club, without them we cannot continue to deliver such events. Consideration to move the date of the meeting proved futile, the Hampshire timetable is heavily congested, and confliction with other events likely to affect the number of entries we received.

In light of the above Andover Athletic Club will take a gap year to evaluate the benefits (to the club) of the event in its existing format, and whether we need to look at a new model(s) that is more manageable and appealing to those wishing to volunteer their help. We hope that you support our decision, please let us know of any ideas or suggestions that you believe would improve the event; we would value your input. We hope this news does not detract from your enjoyment of the approaching outdoor season.

Mark Bradford
(Chairman – Andover Athletic Club)
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