Partnership Blossoms for U13 Girls

Andover & Overton Sportshall Partnership Blossoms for U13 Girls

The newly amalgamated Andover & Overton Sportshall team reaped the benefits of joining forces as the U13 girls finished 3rd in a highly competitive league against 9 other clubs. Despite there being sixteen under 13 girls on the Andover club register only 3 stood up to compete, but with amazing results.

First track event was the 2 lap race, where Andover initiates Jessica Robinson (23.8 secs) & Caitlin Wiseman (25.1 secs) finished in 4th place. Next in the 4 lap were Overton girls Zara Crapper (56.1 secs) & Georgia Vallis (57.6 secs) who came in 7th. The 6 lap time trial saw Andover’s Sarah Brett (79.5 secs) & Overton’s Molly Wateridge (83.9 secs) finish second, Sarah’s time second fastest by .2 second.

The field events were next, in the standing long jump Sarah (2.06m) & Jessica (2.04m) finished second. Again Sarah’s jump second longest and Jessica’s third, made even more impressive by 2 no jumps before Jess nailed her third. In the Vertical jump Molly (53cm) & Caitlin (45cm) finished in 3rd, with Molly recording the 3rd highest leap. The triple jump saw Molly (6.17m) & Jessica (5.88m) finish in second, Molly again third highest scorer. The speed bounce had Georgia (78) and Sarah (75) finish second, Georgia recording the 3rd highest score and Sarah the 4th . The final field event was the shot put, where Georgia (4.48m) & Zara (4.89m) finished in 7th.

The final track events started with the 4 x 2 laps relay with Zara, Georgia, Caitlin & Jessica finishing in 7th position. Finally Molly & Sarah finished in a gnats whisker second in the 8 lap Parlauf Relay.

Although individual performances matter it’s the collective points which decide the team outcome. The girls deserve a big “Thank you” for giving it their all, and a bigger well done for competing in all the events.

The second of only four Sportshall events is at Andover Leisure Centre on Sunday 23rd November. Your team needs you!

Also competing were the U11 girls who finished in a great 4th place out of 9 teams, comprising of Erin Pinchbeck, Becky Phelps, Amelia Gray, Sophie Rowe, Victoria Goldsmith, Jess Wateridge. Notable performances from Amelia Gray 4th in triple jump, Jess Wateridge 2nd in vertical jump and 1st in chest push, Sophie Rowe second in speed bounce & Erin Pinchbeck 4th in speed bounce & 5th fastest in 1 lap.

The U11 boys also finished in a superb 4th place out of 7 teams and comprised of Aidan Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Josh Martin, Joseph Goldsmith, Alex Wardle, Mackenzie Evison, William McDermott & Jago Evison. Notable performances from William McDermott, 2nd in the speed bounce, Mackenzie Evison 3rd in vertical jump.